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【About Lutilu Studio】

Lutilu Studio has been created by Lutilu ( Kaori Nakamura)  who is also a founder of STUDIO GENRE

Lutilu herself is an artist and designer. She has a lot of energy and passion to create beautiful music, arts and design to enrich your life.

The studio is a creative space for people to have experience using the five senses.

The studio has an unified look with the color black ,white and green to create stylish and comfortable space. 

We have Music class , Zumba class, and more experience using the five senses waiting for you.

Please come to the studio and feel the world of Lutilu.




Type:Apartment for Rent

Floor Size : 1033 sqft

【Can use for



●Piano lesson

●Violin lesson

●Vocal lesson

●Dance Lesson

●Personal training


Studio amenity】



●Bluetooth speaker

●2 Mike


●Mini table

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